TinyTalk Geneva

Welcome to the TinyTalk classes of Alenka Zibetto

TinyTalk e-classes are a great way to strenghten the baby-parent bond
Parent-baby quality time

We did online classes with Alenka during the first confinement (March 2020) and they were brilliant...I mean of course we'd all prefer to be face-to-face, but Caleb honestly enjoyed them just as much.
Judith, mum of Caleb

E-class are FUN says Imogen!
Baby training his focusing skills during an e-class with Alenka

I met Alenka when my baby was 6 months old, and we attended her classes for around nine months. I can assure you that baby signing works and it's real, and Alenka makes it very fun and easy. My baby signed “daddy" first, then “mommy” (really??? 😊), milk, and the most helpful for me was to teach him “enough”, “more” and “all gone” when we started solids. If you are looking for a fun activity with your baby, that will improve your communication and your relationship with your baby, TinyTalk is definitely what you need. I already told her, but I'll use this space too, THANK YOU Alenka, for your patience, time and love to my, now grown up, toddler...we will miss you a lot.
Melissa, mum of Luca,

TinyTalk e-classes: FUN for the WHOLE family!
Strenghtening those neck muscles and focusing on Alenka during an e-class

Very nice class with my baby boy. Lots of singing, signing and playing. And time to discuss with the other mums.
Marion, mum of A,

Caleb with big sis demonstrating the "airplane" sign during an e-class
Imogen playing peek-a-boo with her mummy during an e-class

A really fun class for parents and babies and a great opportunity to chat with other parents over coffee afterwards.
Wanita, mum of Emilia,


Je participe à TinyTalk avec mes 2 enfants de 1 an et 2 ans et demi. Les deux adorent ces moments ludiques. Alenka est très positive, à l'écoute et disponible.
Edmée, maman de N et M,


I definitely recommend Tiny Talk Geneva 👍 So much fun signing and singing and my son loves it. We started when he was 4 months old and now 3 months later he can sign when he wants milk and when he wants his daddy 🍼👨‍👦.
Luana, mum of Delwyn,


Thanks Alenka for making motherhood fun!
Carla, mum of Lili who joined my TinyTalk classes at just 4 weeks old ,