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Alenka Zibetto

Hello and welcome to the website of TinyTalk in Geneva!

I’m Alenka, and I’m thrilled to be offering TinyTalk classes for the very first time in Geneva.

What is baby signing?
Well, most parents already naturally sign with their babies - just think how delighted we are when baby can ‘wave goodbye to Grandma’ or ‘blow Daddy a kiss’ or even give themselves a clap when they’ve done something amazing! Now imagine taking
these everyday signs a step further, so your baby will be so excited to tell you that they are hungry, want their milk, or need a nappy change, or share their excitement when they see a dog or an airplane! What a fantastic experience for both parents and baby!

Early communication is so important in strengthening the bond between babies and all the people who love them - get siblings, grandparents and other caretakers involved in baby signing, and everybody can join in the conversation at the dinner table!

MULTILINGUAL FAMILIES will of course also benefit. Baby learns that Mummy’s ‘dog’ and Daddy’s ‘chien’ share the same sign, and therefore that both words have the same meaning.

TinyTalk classes are an hour long and are great fun! We use classic nursery rhymes such as The Wheels on the Bus, integrating the baby signs in a fun way. Each week we introduce core signs that are relevant to the family and home – such as mummy, daddy, food and milk, which can ease the frustration of communication difficulties before your baby can speak. We also develop their communication and sensory skills through Sensory Activities that involve bubbles, voile scarves, tactile rubber shapes and much more!

Meet Alenka...

Children:Femi is 7

Location:Satigny, Canton Of Geneva

Favourite Sign:Well done! Such a fun sign of praise and encouragement!

Qualifications:Teaching TinyTalk baby signing classes for 3 years. Previously taught 3 years at Music Together.

Favourite Film:Captain Fantastic

Pet Hate:Split nail

Secret Passion:Walking my dog and ballet.

I most admire:Mums!

I love baby signing because:It brings babies, toddlers and parents closer as they learn to communicate before the little ones can speak!

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